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This book gives a general overview on the epoxidation process of cottonseed oil. Several methods of epoxidation are available but conventional chemical method is adopted for large scale production. This book also focused on the finding of the potential utility of epoxidized cottonseed oil and developing newer means for its widespread applications. Vegetable oil finds sustainable and renewable source of raw material. The unsaturation present in cottonseed oil can be chemically modified to a value added product by a reaction called ‘epoxidation’. Due to the high reactivity of the oxirane ring epoxides can also act as a raw material for synthesis of variety of chemicals such aspolyols, glycols, olefinic compounds, lubricants, plasticizer and stabilizer for polymers and their demand is increasing day by day. Apart from this the kinetics of reaction and thermodynamic properties like enthalpy, entropy, activation energy, and Gibb’s free energy were studied at optimized reaction condition. The application of synthesized epoxidized oil was also studied over the epoxy system. Thus an attempt had been made to increase the economic value of the cottonseed oil by converting into epoxidized oil
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