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This book examines the impact of human capital on economic growth in case of Pakistan. Various issues relating to human capital are discussed in detail. This book is very useful for those students and researchers who are involved in broader areas of human capital formation. Before the partition 1947, the main objective of education system was to train people for lower level government jobs so that these low level attitudes of local population can better serve the elite class of west. In order to accomplish their objective, they successfully separated local-language-medium schools for the masses and exclusive English-medium schools for the elite class. As we got independence from British rule, now more horizons of employment were open and we were free to build our indigenous system of education as according to modern skill and latest knowledge. The economy’s requirements for a large variety of skills and knowledge were continuously rising. Beginning of 1960s, economists began to seriously study labour not as a homogeneous factor of production, but as a differentiated and moldable factor of production, that is, human capital. Human capital is one of the biggest explanatory variables

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