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Dr Wakah explain the readers on how Kenya after independence in June 1963, the Government of Kenya (GoK), in its first formal development planning initiative developed Sessional Paper number 10 of 1965 in which poverty, ignorance and disease were identified as major impediments to development. The author elucidate on three dimensions which have been the center of GoK development initiatives. Since then, poverty has been at the center of development programmes by the GoK including the District Focus for Rural Development and Social Dimensions of Development programmes despite the fact that all these programmes have not had significant impact as demonstrated by the fact that poverty remains a major concern in Kenya today. The author shows that micro approaches have greater impact on household poverty alleviation. Self employment and farming have greatest success in poverty alleviation. The behavioural change on wealth management based on personal financial planning is more important for successful poverty alleviation. This book is highly recommended for the scholars, students, farmers and researchers
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