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The increasing problem of higher population density in the metro cities and subsequent increase in the waste generation has created a severe problem of its disposal. Dumping of the solid waste in urban areas is a big problem as the land availability is not enough. If the proper management of this solid waste is done we can get rid of the problem up to a certain extent As well as its hazardous effects may not be overlooked. In NCR alone it is nearly 10,000MT per day. Solid waste in a typical composition has food waste, paper, card board, wood and some trace of mix metals. In different countries different methods of energy generation from solid waste have been tried out in different phases. Solid waste has a good potential for energy generation in the form of RDF, Methane gas and also by composting.This dissertation is focused on Solid waste management and possibilities of energy extraction from municipal solid waste. The local bodies in urban areas are seriously taking up the problem. The efforts are being made to utilize the solid waste by composting it as well as establishing the project for producing energy out of the land fills. Still it is not being done to its full potential.
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