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"This book is relevant to every household - whether you're a couple, a family, a houseful of students or living on your own, I guarantee you'll find recipes and principles that you can use every day. I've made sure the book is really easy to navigate, with six clear chapters: veg, chicken, beef, pork, lamb and fish. There's loads of advice on getting stocked up and making sure your kitchen has everything you need to cook from scratch, as well as plenty of tips on making the most of your ingredients, stretching them further, and using bits up. It's also about encouraging you to shop around and shop wisely, using supermarkets, butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers and markets. This is where the book comes into its own, giving you the ability to keep people well fed, happy, nourished and healthy, while keeping costs under control. I'm here to arm you with as much helpful information, as possible. We all need to understand the basics about food, where it comes from and how it affects our bodies, as well as the importance of good, tasty cooking. My nutrition team have worked closely with me on the book to ensure that there's clarity on each page with calorie information per portion, and there's lots of extra detail at the back, to help you make informed choices. I hope Save with Jamie serves you well, gives you beautiful, nutritious food and some great mealtime memories, with the reassurance that none of it will break the bank. A cookbook that from start to finish has delicious recipes, all dedicated to great value, is a brilliant weapon to have on the shelf, whoever you are. I hope it gets passed down through your family to your children - it will certainly be my kids' first cookbook when they're ready. Good luck and happy cooking". Jamie Oliver

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