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The research assesses resident perception of environmental quality in Judges Quarters to help improve the quality of the environment in the area. A sample size of 83 residents was selected using systematic random sampling technique. Using facility adequacy index (FAI), Environmental risk factor index (ERFI) and safety perception index (SPI), the study revealed that the facilities in Judges Quarters were adequate with facility adequacy index (FAI) of 3.5. Looking at the individual facilities in the area housing quality has the highest FAI (4.59) followed by security provided in the area (FAI = 3.52), toilets conditions and street conditions with 3.42 and 3.23 facility adequacy index respectively. While the facility with the least adequacy index in the area is water supply (FAI = 2.13), solid waste condition services (FAI = 2.27) and electricity supply (FAI = 2.98). Environmental hazard in the area is not severe with environmental risk factor index (ERFI) of 2.67. The research concludes that, the environmental quality of the area is very high. Therefore, the study recommends that deteriorating facilities should be improved upon in order to increase and sustain the quality of the envi
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