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organic chemistry for students of medicine and biology(second edition) купить по лучшей цене

This book was written to stress basic concepts in organic chemistry and for students to appreciate some of its applications. My classroom experience had confirmed that a clear introduction to organic chemistry should communicate the excitement of its application to our daily lives.This book carefully develops the reasoning students need to understand basic reactions and the working methods of organic chemistry. The book is intended primarily to serve beginning chemistry students with little or no instruction on organic chemistry. Accordingly it provides a solid base for the subject that promotes understanding and critical thinking, while simultaneously limiting the scope to the presentation and introducing applications to agriculture, biochemistry & the chemical industry.Structure and nomenclature are important in appreciating the physical and chemical properties of organic compounds. Significant portion of the book is devoted to structure and naming of organic compounds. Reactions of organic compounds are determined to a large extent by functional groups. Characteristics and reaction patterns of common functional groups have been treated extensively. Over 300 MCQs are included.

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