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The paper discusses the logic foundation of terrorism: Terrorism is a method of asymmetric violent action and political logic, in essence motivated by the struggling for interests between individuals, organizations and nations. In nature, terrorism is not against certain persons, or a certain government, but public order and social stability. Even the religious terrorism in high-tech, which is viewed as the extreme violent and irrational with strong tendency of mass destruction, definitely demands more or less for a change of the current social order in its political protests and claims. To some extent, terrorism is often the irrational expressions of violence for some rational and lawful political requests by some weaker nation or organization in the international realm of politics. This paper focuses on the introduction of the modern development of the new features of terrorism, these new features foretells a new problem: the combination of high-tech terrorism and what it means? How should we respond? Review of terrorism at home and abroad academics on the main results of this paper on the technical design of terrorism on the main methods of the study.

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