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Presentation Skills Practice Book offers a wide range of training tips and practice activities that provide learners with explicit guidelines on how to structure and convey their messages effectively, efficiently and creatively. Presentation Skills are an integral part of 21st Century Skills, a fundamental requirement of skills for learners and professionals of all levels. I The Presentation Skills Practice Book is divided into three sections. They focus on: - FUNCTION - basic computer skills, essential software commands, tricks and tips useful with particular software. - FORM - the nature of a presentation, the intended audience, the topic and the occasion, layout and templates, colours and fonts. - CONTENT - quantity and quality of information, efficient selection, data structure and order, verbal and visual prompts. Each section consists of 7 units. Each unit has a theoretical and a practice component. The tips and activities engage learners in developing their own unique set of presentation skills. The level of English used in the Presentation Skills Practice Book corresponds to CEFR B1.
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