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kx3501 1v3 3 5 lcd wireless video door phone 1 camera 3 monitors set blackish grey купить по лучшей цене

Widely used in office house apartment hotel and building etc.; The outdoor camera is easy to install; Indoor monitor is portable; It can be hung on the wall or be placed on the desk; Features (1) 2.4GHz digital frequency hopping and encryption technology transmission distance up to 300 meters in free field robust anti-interference; (2) Clear night vision can capture image in low-illumination environment; (3) Rain shield for the outdoor camera is available; (4) 3.5 or 7 inch TFT color panel for indoor monitor; (5) Surveillance unlock hands-free call and talk; (6) 16 chord melodies melody volume talk volume are adjustable; (7) Date (only one camera with one monitor system) and time shown on the screen; (8) Indoor monitor could take pictures automatically or by instruction. It could store up to 100 pictures with date and time; (9) BL-5J battery of camera and monitor is replaceable and rechargeable; (10) Select power supply for outdoor camera (If 100~240V power is available near outdoor camera Plug in the power adapter to provide 5V power for outdoor camera all the while; If occasionally the power is down you'd better add a BL-5J battery into the outdoor camera which will last work about 20 days; If 100~240V power is not available near outdoor camera you can select: A. Add external solar charger with BL-5J battery into the outdoor camera together; The solar panel must be installed in the place where sunlight directly shines. BL-5J battery can last about 20days for outdoor camera thus enough sunlight is required within 20 days; B. Add one external customized 20000mAh mobile power bank outdoor camera can work about 240 days if power bank is fully charged; C. Can work about 20 days if add a BL-5J battery only; (11) Wireless unlock control supports power on and power off unlock; (12) One outdoor camera supports up to 4 indoor monitors and vice versa
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