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high reliability and high accuracy 15v 1a power supply used in labs educational laboratories купить по лучшей цене

The most extensively investigated toroidal confinement concept is the Tokamak (Toroidal magnetic confinement). The Table Top Tokamak (TTT) is pulsed plasma device, which produces and confines plasma for few milliseconds.The objective of this Tokamak is to study basic plasma behavior under different set of conditions. Different basic plasma experiments will be carried out from the students of different universities to explore new facts and technologies in plasma science and technology field.Researches in controlled thermonuclear synthesis are actively conducted in many countries all over the world. The quantity of working devices and devices under construction and in project is increasing, which causes the necessity in preparing professionals in a wide range in this field. The teaching and training on the working installation are especially effective. Being simple to operate, flexible to realign and relatively cheap in the sense of the operating cost, tokamak of this type can be used by the universities in the educational process in the frame of joint educational and scientific projects with other universities and research laboratories all over the world.
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