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formulation and evaluation of microspheres by mixed solvency concept купить по лучшей цене

a)Introduction to the problem: Maheshwari proposed the concept of mixed solvency. He is of the opinion that all substances whether liquids, gases or solids possess solubilizing power and hence concentrated aqueous solutions containing various dissolved substances can improve the solubility of poorly soluble drugs. Till now this concept have been utilized extensively in the field of pharmaceutical analysis and formulation development with an aim to preclude the use of organic solvent, avoids the problem of residual solvent toxicity, replace toxic class-II solvent by safer class-III solvent, reduce the individual concentration of solubilizers and thereby reduce their associated toxicity, potentiation of weaker solvent by use of proper choice of solubilizers. b)Abstract: The objective of present study to explore the utility of “mixed solvency” to enhance the solubility of piroxicam. Also to propose an alternate system of solubilizer to provide novel surfactant/cosurfactant system, to aid traditionally involved components in formulation of SEDDS. It act as tool to reduce the net surfactant concentration in designing of SEDDS c)Target groups: Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical analysis.
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