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for boscam transmitter and receiver 5 8ghz cloud spirit circular polarized antenna set rp sma for quadcopter fpv aerial купить по лучшей цене

Eachine FPV Boscam 5.8G 600mW 32CH Wireless Transmitter Receiver TS832 RC832 Description: TS832: Brand Name: Eachine Item Name: TS832 transmitter Frequency: 5.8G Power input: 7.4-16V (3S Lipo suggested) Transmitting Power: 600mA Video Format: NTSC / PAL Auto Audio Bandwidth : 6.5M Video Bandwidth: 8M Antenna Gain: 2db Weight: about 22g Working Current: 220mA at 12V Dimension: 54x 32x 10mm(excluding antenna) Connector: transmitter module side RP-SMA jack, antenna RP-SMA plug RC832: Brand Name: Eachine Item Name: RC832 receiver Antenna Impedance: 50 Antenna Gain: 2db Video Impedance: 75 Video Format: NTSC/PAL auto Power Input: 12V Working Current: 200mA max Dimension: 80x 65 x15mm Weight: about 85g Connector: receiver module side RP-SMA jack, antenna RP-SMA plug Features: 32 channels choice to get the best transmitting quality. Super small 200mA current for 600mW wireless transmitter power. Compatible with A,B,E and F frequency bands Smaller size with lighter weight. 32 CH compatible to all FPV 5.8g receivers. 5.8G 600mW 32 Channels AV wireless FPV transmitter 600mW transmitter power assure 5KM distance in open area, 5-8 KM is available if work with the bigger gain antenna. Package Included: 1 x TS382 transmitter 1 x RC832 receiver 2 x 5.8G 5DB antenna 3 x cable
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