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Many factors prevent people from seeking advice from healthcare professionals. These include lack of trust, insufficient time and the nature of the illness. In this study, the aim was to identify some of these factors and examine how to improve the situation by studying the attitudes and views of drug users towards healthcare professionals, particularly pharmacists. In this investigation, results were obtained by using questionnaires distributed amongst drug users and a control group, and by conducting interviews with the same groups. It was found that there was a lack of understanding and knowledge of the role of pharmacists in the provision of healthcare advice in both the drug user and control groups. Stigmatization and prejudice were a key cause of concern for the client group. Pharmacy staff having preformed misconceptions on drug misuse can affect the relationship between the pharmacist and service user and can form a barrier to seeking advice on health issues. Health promotion messages should be encouraged; pharmacists play a significant role in drug misuse management and could ensure effective compliance to treatment by being available to help when needed.

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