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The carrot has been called the “poor man’s ginseng” as it contains more than 490 phyto-chemicals (plant or fruit derived chemical compounds). It is an excellent nutritive food as it is rich source of ?- and ?- Carotene.In the advent of advances made in food nutrition the demand for ? – carotene has been increasing steadily because of its possible role in the treatment of human diseases such as cancer, as it has property of free radical quencher and antioxidant.Preservation of carrot juice is difficult due to its low acidity which provide ideal environment for the growth of many spoilage and spore forming bacteria. Acidification of carrot juice could be achieved by either fermentation or adding citric acid. Alternatively, blending carrot juice with acidic fruit juice such as apple juice, aonla juice etc. could produce a blend with a lower pH that can act as a natural barrier against most microorganisms.No work has been done in standardisation of carrot – fruit juices (aonla, pomegranate and grape) blend and their pasteurization techniques. Present work is being carried out to standardise them with good consumer acceptability.
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