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The present situation of mango orchards needs special attention, where about all mango orchards are suffering due to disease problem, causing sudden death or quick decline of mango trees. For the first time, this study was carried out to manage mango orchards from the incidence of sudden death disease with the application of nutrients fertilizers because healthy tree is regarded more resistant or tolerant against the infection of diseases. Regarding disease severity of sudden death, it was minimized on an average approx. 19 % by application of all nutrient combinations as compared with severity on all the trees before application. The maximum reduction in disease severity was found approx 31 % on plants applied with zinc sulphate, copper sulphate along with nitrogen-phosphorous and humic acid as mandatory ingredients. Even though, slight disease reduction ( about 8 %) was also observed on mango trees where only Urea, TSP fertilizers were applied.Therefore, balanced nutrients application has provided a significant solution for farmer community against suppression of sudden death disease.

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