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Serious odontogenic infections spreading beyond the socket into surrounding soft tissues is more common as a result of pulpal infections. Once the infections extends past the apex of the tooth the pathophysiology of a given infectious process can vary depending upon the anatomic geography.Most of the times; the odontogenic infections can be managed without any complication. However, these infections have potential to spread through fascial planes of head and neck to involve the vital structures in this region like intracranial structures, orbits and the airway and can be life threatening.The management of oral and maxillofacial infection requires a series of diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers, including determining the severity of infection, evaluating the patients host defenses, treating the patient surgically and prescribing the appropriate antibiotic.In the final analysis it may be said that the odontogenic infections being a part of our specialty needs thorough understanding. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon who manages these infections must have knowledge in the anatomy applied to the progression of the infectious process and its surgical intervention.
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