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With increasing urbanization, a rapid influx of high speed automobiles and poor road conditions, the road traffic accidents are scaling heights. In addition to that inter-personal assaults and sports injuries tip the scale. The incidences of traumatic injuries to the maxillofacial skeleton are increasing with alarm. Statistics show that the maxillofacial injuries make up to about 42% of all forms of injuries. Aesthetics and functional disability bring morbidity to the patient in physical and psychological form. This is of prime concern to the maxillofacial surgeon. Science is always in a state of flux. The treatment options in the management of maxillofacial injuries are numerous and are not without any controversies. Accurate reduction of the fractured segments and achievement of satisfactory occlusion with least discomfort to patient and convenience to surgeon are the fundamental requirements in the management of the maxillofacial trauma. The history of treatment of facial bone fractures parallels the development in modern Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. The purpose of this book was an attempt to cover the current advancements in bone plating systems for the definitive treatment.

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