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computerizing safety management system in syrian shipping company купить по лучшей цене

If we want to leave in safe community, we must solve problems that cause the disasters in human system, the assets of which are: human lives, health and security; property and welfare; environment; critical technologies and infrasrtructures. Sources of disasters, i.e. phenomena that from some size can disrupt the human security, are the results of five different processes in human system: results of processes in and out of the Earth;results of processes in human body, behaviours and in human society; results of processes connected with human activities; results of processes that are reactions of Planet or environment to human activities; and results of processes connected with inside dependences in human system and its surrounding. Proposal of problems? solving consists in the finding the way how to implement: systematic use of knowledge and experiences at decision-making; strategic safety management and strategic safety engineering based on the system of system approach and on principles integral safety based on integral risk management and trade-off with aim to avert the organisational accidents; human dimension into governance (daily public protection and public protection
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