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Nowadays, people’s voice is increasingly being acknowledged as a critical instrument for promoting development and good governance. In this regard, to what extent does a Community Radio has a more pro-active and nurturing role in building and sustaining good local governance and local development by amplifying people’s voice and interest, is a considerable issue. In this area, very little academic literature exists on how community radio could be used as new possibilities for promoting accountable, transparent, responsive, efficient & effective local governance, and new ways of local people’s empowerment together with creating active participation in their local socio-economic and political affairs. This book, therefore, fills this gap and useful to policy makers, operators of community radio and academician in the field of Communication, development, governance and federalism or anyone else who is interested in role of community radio. The analysis of the book has indicated that accessibility to community radio both in term of receivers, producers of its content and ownership of its title can be taken as the means and the end of good governance and development at local level.

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