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boscam all in one aio fpv video goggles with head tracker camera and 2 4g 5 8g receiver купить по лучшей цене

Support PAL/NTSC auto system Resolution: full color 922K pixels(640 x 480RGB) Angle of View: 32 degrees diagonal Virtual image size:8 0 inches diagonal at 2M Video input/output and Audio input/output jack╨д 3.5MM Built-in 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual wireless audio & video receiver modulean exeterior antenna Buit-in Dual-Axis Head Tracker System Standard 4-pin connectors for link to R/C transmitter Student/Trainer connection Power supply:DC 12V(8-13V 300mA) R/C Device Compatible with FPV System тСа The models of the R/C remote controller supported by this FPV system including FUTABA FF-7 FF-8 FF-9 T9Z T12MZ and T14MZ. For other types of RC controllers please consult the distributor. тСб The operation demonstration in this manual uses FF9 R/C. Video camera and transmitter module: On the plane model a video camera and an video transmitter are installed; the video camera has an electrical pan-tilt that can move upward downward leftward and rightward; and the pan-tilt controls the upward downward leftward and rightward movements according to the glasses’ head tracking signals received by R/C receiver. Reception and display module: built in with a wireless AV receiver and a virtual large screen real-time image display. The glasses and the R/C remote controller are connected via a data cable. The R/C remote controller supplies power for the glasses via the data cable while the glasses send the output signals of the head tracker to the R/C remote controller; then the remote controller transmits in wireless manner the head tracker signals and model control signals together to the R/C receiver on the model; the videos and audios taken by the video camera on the model plane; then the glasses can receive the video and audio signals transmitted from the model plane within certain distance. The operator wearing glasses can view images from the virtual display in the glasses and hear sound from the headset in the glasses. With this FPV system the operator can have virtual flying experience.
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