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ItтАЩs time to RAVE it up and get your Fluid on! People who go to raves have all sorts of trippy lights and toys to dance with. White gloves were the original accessory raver's could not go without. As lasers became more popular and readily available people started to use them. Alas the Micro LED lights hit the market in a wide range of colors and took control of the scene. Now there is an all new product to keep your fingers ultra cool and ultra fluid. It combines the historic white gloves raverтАЩs love with those bright and trippy LED lights at your finger tips! These all new white gloves with LED lights are a great accessory for dancers. They are made of cotton velvet. Each finger tip has a multi colored three LED light. The lights are capable of six great modes. The multi-colored modes include rapid flash slow flash and constant. Three bonus modes include red rapid flash blue rapid flash and green rapid flash. The gloves are powered by two CR2032 batteries; they are included. As well they come in a pair so you will have one for each hand. Get your pair of crazy light up LED gloves and bring some joy to your eyes. It's a great way to give a finger light show at those all night parties. - Color: White - Material: Cotton velvet - 3 LED in each fingertip (Red Green and Blue) - Modes: Rapid flash slow flash steady on red rapid flash blue rapid flash and green rapid flash - Powered by 2 x CR2032 battery (included) - Comes as a pair
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