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bc12b smart bluetooth fm car charger black купить по лучшей цене

Features Guarding your Driving Bluetooth hands-Free call with built in microphone for answering and receiving calls and streaming music with any bluetooth-enabled device. Convenient to Control Easy to fix on any appropriate place with magnetic base ,where it's convenient for you to control when you driving. High Call Quality The device supports A2DP function, you can play music stored in cell phone, transmit the music to car audio via Bluetooth High Performance In order to arrive higher quality sound effects, the built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction (CVC) technology supply a more clear call quality. Answer Calls Easier When someone calls you, the item can automatically search your voice around,makes you do not need to talk close to the mouth,which is more convenience during driving. Specification USB Output 5V 2A Bluetooth Version 3.0 Bluetooth Voice With A2DP Transmission Distance 10M Bluetooth Microphone Effective Range 0.5-2M Transmit Frequency 87.5-108MHz Transmit Frequency Modulation Mode Stereo digital PLL frequency lock Degree of Distortion 60dB Left and Right Channel dB >60dB Rated Voltage 12V-24V Limited Voltage 10-25V Working Temperature 0-50℃
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