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Designed with low-concentration ozone and negative ions technology, the Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer can actively and automatically remove the undesirable odor, kill bacteria and keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer term storage in the refrigerator. It also can be used in wardrobes, shoe closets, cabinets, preservation boxes and other airtight space. Intelligent Sterilization Designed with constant low concentration ozone and low temperature negative ions technology, Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer purifies the air in the refrigerator automatically and sterilizes in an enclosed space by intelligent circulation mode to control the ozone concentration. Sustained Qzone Release Built-in high-voltage ionization device makes oxygen molecule separate and recombine and continuously generates ozone. Sustained ozone release with no extra spending and maintenance. Sterilization and Deodorization Effect Sterilization: Bacterial inactivation rate after one hour up to 95.47%. Deodorization: Quickest deodorization with 15 minutes' time. Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping: Prolonged fresh-keeping term up to 7 days. Powerful Li-ion Battery Built-in 4400mAh large capacity Li-ion battery supports up to 35 days standby time at a single full charge. Easy to Control Built-in generator system, intelligently controls the operation cycle and working mode by one touch power key and with indicator light. Comfortable Tactile Sensation With 1.3mm thickened aluminum alloy casing and the anodic oxidation surface treatment, Atongm KT-6830 brings you a comfortable tactile sensation. Safe Materials & Moisture-proof Design Uses International standard environmentally-friendly anti-bacterial materials to protect the ozone motor core components; and moisture-proof design prolongs the lifespan of the Fridge Deodorizer. Multifunctional The Atongm KT-6830 can be used not only in refrigerators, but also in other airtight space, such as closets, shoe cabinets, wardrobes and preservation boxes. Friendly Reminder When this Fridge Deodorizer is used in a refrigerator, please place it in the cooler chamber rather than in the freezer. Specifications Brand Atongm Model KT-6830 For Space 10 cubic meters Charging Port Micro USB 5V/1A Battery Capacity 4400mAh Rated Power 0.5W Ozone Release 1mg/h Working Temperature -10 Deg.C - +50 Deg.C CertificationsRoHS, CE,FC Product Weight 218g Product Size 50 x 45 x 106 mm Package Contents1 x Fridge Deodorizer 1 x User Manual 1x USB Cable
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