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3pcs black 6a us to eu adapter plug usa to euro europe wall power charge outlet 2 flat pin to 2 round pin socket adapter ru es купить по лучшей цене

The universal travel power plug adapter should be used all-in-one adapter. The adapter is with 2-flat-pin / 2-round-pin / 3-flat-pin plug to be suitable for Europe / England / USA / China / Japan / Australia plugs and other countries with same standard. This adapter is also with USB adapter to charge your USB devices directly. With one universal adapter you can use it to charge devices as you are travelling all over the world. - Color: White - Material: ABS - Rated power: 100-240V/6A (max) - USB: 5V/1000MA - Comes with 2-flat-pin/2-round-pin/3-flat-pin plug - Suitable for Europe/England/USA/China/Japan/Australia plugs and other countries with same standard - Great for international travel or business trip - Carrying pouch and user manual included
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