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2017 spring 3d animal cs go gorros women hat female motorcycle watch dogs mask balaclava hooded cap ski deadpool masks halloween купить по лучшей цене

Wear it as a balaclava face mask, ski mask or helmet liner and then go for hunting, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, motorcycling and Halloween party in the snowing winter, outside in the nature. Features 3D animal pattern: With the digital printing technology with the 3D design, the visual effect is realistic. Moisture absorbption: It not only wicks away moisture fast to keep you cool when it's hot, but also insulates when the weather gets cold. Optional patterns: There are 9 animal patterns, you can choose what you like. Multifunctional: It can be used for skiing, hiking, climbing, cycling, hunting, and so much more. Specifications MaterialPolyester Gender Unisex Product Size 45 x 26 cm Package Contents1 x Balaclava Mask
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