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1 way relay module delay power off trigger voltage upper and lower limit relay cycle counting control купить по лучшей цене

Function characteristic 1. Immediately after power relay will not pull until after the delay time the relay as long as uninterruptible power module this state will remain; 2. The delay time is adjustable from 1 to 20; 3.The use of genuine high-quality relay module can directly control AC or DC loads normally open interfaces Maximum load capacity: AC 0~250V / 10A DC 0~30V / 10A; 4. With a power indicator (red) 1 relay status indicator (blue) 5. The module voltage is 5V 12V optional please be sure to specify when users purchase; 6. With 4 bolts holes easy installation; 8. Input and output modules used in all terminals connected user-friendly connection; Instructions 1. After power-up pull-delay relay adjustable resistance clockwise to increase the delay time delay time adjustable 1~20 sec; 2. Common normally open normally closed three ports is equivalent to a dual-control switch relay coil power often beginning with a common terminal conduction when there is no electricity common and normally closed terminal conduction
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