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Adapter cable for Sony PS2 to Microsoft Xbox 360 & PS3 converter Cable is compatible with all models of 360 wired controllers. Also Supports converting PS2 to PS3. With great sensitivity just plug and play needs no driver. Compact lightweight easy to handle and carry. When you use it on Xbox 360 at first pull the switch to 360; Second connect the PS2 wired controller to PS2 female plug of this convertor cable; Third connect the USB male plug of orginal 360 USB wired controller to USB port of this convertor cable then connect USB male plug of this convertor cable to USB port of 360 console. Now your PS2 wired controller could working on 360. Furthermoreyour original 360 wired controller and PS2 controller could working at the same time. it will be working when you turn on function button of PS2 controller(or 360 controller). When you want this converter to work on PS3 just put the switch to the PS3 mode then connect the USB male plug of this converter cable to USB port of PS2 console. - Connect your PS2 controller to your MS Xbox 360 console - Supports vibration feedback - Also suitable for steering wheels dance mats lightguns and joysticks - Includes 1 x USB-A (f) connector 1 x USB-A (m) connector and 1 x PS2 (f) controller port - All buttons are fully converted supports analogue and digital controls - Compatible with multi-player gaming when using two or more
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