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Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a primary food crop and has an important role both economically and in terms of food security. Aromatic rice varieties constitute a small but special group of rice and have gained greater importance with the worldwide increase in the demand for super rice. Not only aroma is one of the most important characteristics for sale ability of rice, grain quality is also important which includes many factors such as grain length, nutritional value, grain appearance and cooking quality.The present study was performed to analyze the genetic diversity among aromatic and non-aromatic rice genotypes using microsatellite markers (SSR). For the investigation, 20 rice cultivars of aromatic, non-aromatic, and quality traits were studied using 25 Rice Microsatellite (RM) markers among which 15 markers were used for analyzing aromatic and nonaromatic rice genotypes.The dendogram developed for aroma and quality traits showed that the genotypes with common phylogeny and geographical orientation tend to cluster together.
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